Miscellaneous Pieces

In addition to working on projects, I have also created smaller standalone releases which can be downloaded separately.  I have also on occasions contributed small pieces to various projects.

Gloved hand mesh

This pack was made in a short space of time, and was designed with the intention of serving as a first person view model asset.  Details were weighted onto the model parts which would be most visible to the player (the thumb, index finger and sleeve), allowing for proportional detail within a polygon budget.

Grenade Texture
This diffuse was made for model created by the “Blue Shift Reassignment” team.
Counter-Strike hand mesh

This model was made as custom hand model for Counter Strike which other modders could rig for use for their models.
It is UV mapped to the default Counter Strike diffuse map, and the polycount for a single hand is 1720 triangles. The model is available here: http://www.fpsbanana.com/models/1683

Foley Work

I have been working on sound mixing for a long time now.  I take a lot of pride in sampling real sounds and mixing them to produce high quality audio files.
Examples of my audio work can be found at the following links:
In addition to these packs I also contributed a number of foley effects to the “Casus Belli” project.  My original source files can be listened to below:

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