Level Design

I have many years experience of working on level design, most extensively in BSP engines. I have a good understanding of how to maintain good optimization for frame rates and online play, whilst also keeping a desirable level of visual detail.  When creating my environments I like to add as much original content as possible: in particular I have made many diffuse textures derived from photographs on cgtextures, all of which tile and have been extensively edited.

Below are some recent examples of my work:

Training Map

A map set in Afghanistan which introduces players to gameplay mechanics and functions. The setting is a former town which has been taken over and turned into a NATO outpost.


Babylon map

This is an old map which I originally made for Counter Strike Source, but recently ported to Counter Strike Global Offensive. It can be downloaded from here: http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/168459_


Russian territory map

A mission set in Russia. Players movie about through an old dilapidated area which is undergoing redevelopment.


Smalltown suburbia

A map set in small town suburbs. Players are drawn towards a gunshop for final showdown.


Woodland Map

This map is set in a wooded, rural area in night time California. Players are spawned outside of a gunshop which they can enter to buy weapons, and thereafter can begin missions in surrounding woodland.  I created a variety of original props for the gunshop.


Ranch house
A Mexican styled ranch house is the centrepiece for this map. It is surrounded farmland and farm buildings. I created a large number of props specifically designed to fit into certain rooms of this ranch.

Las Vegas map

A custom map made for Counter Strike Source, players can manoeuvre through various levels of a multi-storey car park.




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